How to Customize GoHighLevel: A Comprehensive Guide

GoHighLevel is a powerful CRM and marketing platform that helps businesses streamline their operations. Customizing GoHighLevel allows you to tailor the platform to your specific needs, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the steps and tips for effective customization.

Why Customize GoHighLevel?

Customizing GoHighLevel enables you to:

  • Enhance User Experience: Make the platform more intuitive for your team.
  • Boost Brand Identity: Ensure the platform reflects your brand’s colors, logo, and style.
  • Increase Efficiency: Create a workflow that suits your business processes.

Get Started with HL Pro Tools

Before diving into customization, consider signing up for HL Pro Tools at hlprotools.com. HL Pro Tools offers a range of features designed to make customizing GoHighLevel easier, including the powerful HL Pro Tools Theme Builder. This tool can significantly streamline the customization process, helping you achieve a professional and cohesive look for your platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to Customizing GoHighLevel

1. Customize the Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing users see when they log in. Making it user-friendly and aligned with your brand is crucial.

  • Change Colors and Themes: Navigate to the settings menu and select the color schemes that match your brand.
  • Add Widgets: Customize the dashboard with widgets that display essential metrics and information for your team.

2. Personalize the CRM Interface

A well-organized CRM can drastically improve productivity.

  • Custom Fields: Add custom fields to your CRM to capture the specific data points relevant to your business.
  • Pipeline Stages: Tailor the pipeline stages to reflect your sales process, ensuring each step is relevant to your operations.

3. Modify Landing Pages and Funnels

Landing pages and funnels are critical for lead generation and conversion.

  • Use HL Pro Tools Theme Builder: This tool allows you to create visually appealing and highly functional landing pages that are consistent with your brand.
  • Templates: Leverage customizable templates to build your pages quickly. Adjust the layout, fonts, and images to match your branding.

4. Customize Email Templates

Emails are a vital part of marketing and customer communication.

  • Branding: Ensure your emails reflect your brand’s identity by customizing templates with your logo, colors, and fonts.
  • Automation: Set up email sequences that align with your customer journey, making them more personalized and effective.

5. Optimize the Mobile App

A seamless mobile experience is essential for on-the-go business management.

  • Custom Mobile App: Create a custom-branded mobile app using GoHighLevel’s white-label features. This helps in maintaining a consistent brand presence across all platforms.

6. Integrate Third-Party Tools

Integrations can enhance GoHighLevel’s capabilities.

  • Zapier: Use Zapier to connect GoHighLevel with other tools you use, such as Google Sheets, Slack, or Mailchimp.
  • APIs: Utilize GoHighLevel’s API to develop custom integrations that meet your specific business needs.

Best Practices for Customizing GoHighLevel

  • Consistency is Key: Ensure all customizations align with your brand guidelines.
  • User Feedback: Regularly gather feedback from your team to identify areas for improvement.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your customizations updated to leverage new features and improvements in GoHighLevel.


Customizing GoHighLevel can transform how you manage your business, making it more efficient and aligned with your brand. By following these steps and utilizing tools like HL Pro Tools Theme Builder, you can create a tailored platform that meets your unique needs. Don’t forget to sign up for HL Pro Tools at hlprotools.com to access advanced customization features and take your GoHighLevel experience to the next level.

Start customizing today and unlock the full potential of GoHighLevel for your business!

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Do you want the HighLevel fast-track?

We bundled all the goodness we created for ourselves over the past 18 months into a complete training to sell more & retain clients longer with HighLevel®.